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M.Shahzad Sattar Founder of Experts products

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We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Luxury BDSM Products. All our products are made with top quality leather and are treated to enhance softness, durability and water and stain resistance and color retention. We guarantee for all our products for workmanship and leather quality at extremely competitive price with timely delivery. Our products can also be had with buyer’s own logos or symbols in single or multiple colors fine printings or with embroidery work. Thank you for your visit here on…

Leather Tanning Process by Shahzad

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The leather manufacturing process is divided into three fundamental sub processes: preparatory stages, tanning, and crusting. A further sub process, finishing, can be added into the leather process sequence, but not all leathers receive finishing. The preparatory stages are when the hide is prepared for tanning. Preparatory stages may include: soaking, hair removal, liming, deliming, bating, bleaching, and pickling. Tanning is a process that stabilizes the proteins, particularly collagen, of the raw hide to increase the thermal, chemical and microbiological stability of the hides and skins, making…