Leather Fur Ankle Cuff Black

  • Leather Fur Ankle Cuff Black.

  • Nickel-plated Hardware.

  • Each Cuff Comes With Connector.

  • Minimum Order Quantity 10 pieces.

  • Customize Logo Available.

Fetish Lovers United State. Leather Ankle Cuff  Black. offset by sheep leather lining for a delicate touch. This leather ankle cuffs are soft, sensual and strong bondage restraints. That are perfect for beginners as well as longtime restraint play enthusiasts. Their cow mild inside lining. They will feel amazing against your wrist cuff or ankles cuff. whether you’re tugging against them or remaining still. This handcrafted leather have nickel-plated hardware and reinforced stitching. Pair of these amazing restraint cuffs with the matching Collar for added excitement. Each cuff comes with connector.


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