Studded Paddle Camo

  • Spanking Paddle Camo

  • 2 ply, 1/4″ Thick, Leather Paddle

  • Totaled Length  30 Inches

  • Minimum Order Quantity 10 Pieces.

  • Customize Logo Available.

Studded Paddle Camo is an erotic and we are the manufacturer of this Studded paddle. besides It shows one’s affection and guide. one’s partner to behavior that you desire. So we design paddles for beginners and lovers. besides to Use high quality leather to provide enhanced sensation during playtime. Our bondage accessories represent the naughty, sensual side of intimate play. We design paddle to please the most discerning of tastes. There for our products are with the finest leather quality. Constructed to the highest possible to Bring your fantasy to life.


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